Your heart literally aches. For this article I spoke with a group of spirits of deceased pets to ask their advice on how people can best move through their grieving process into a state of peace. Cats lack the abstraction that allows people to grieve for those they’ve never met; cats only grieve for familiar and close companions. Do Dogs and Cats Really Grieve? Because of this, they show behaviors which can be interpreted as grief. While it is important to remember that each cat will behave differently in their grief, there are some common behaviours that may be seen while a cat adjusts to the death of a housemate. The cat grief and mourning process is different from how humans mourn, but there are a … Although she continued to eat, she kept to herself, not seeking out the company of other cats in the household. However, there are things you can do to help your pet through this difficult period. By: quinndombrowski. When a beloved pet passes on the grief can feel overwhelming. Even just telling someone “I miss my cat” can help you through the grieving process. Cats can experience depression just like human beings, whether due to the abrupt loss of a companion, a move to a different home or any other major life changes or tensions. The cat grief and mourning process is different from how humans mourn, but there are a number of ways you can support and comfort your cat during this time. Each relationship is unique and there’s no one else who understands exactly what you meant to each other and how the loss affects you. Read our advice. The loss of a beloved cat is heartbreaking for any owner, but your remaining cat who's lost his buddy may also experience deep grief. In the past, this variability caused some scientists to dismiss the concept of animal grief as anthropomorphism on the owner's part. Jul 31, 2017 - Have you experienced a loss of a family member or pet and felt that your cat felt grief as well? “ They can withdraw, they can take it out on a companion cat, or they can be aggressive with their caregiver,” Carole Wilbourn, a cat therapist based in New York, told HuffPost, adding that cats have been known to stop eating or become destructive after a loss. July 11, 2019 -- It's surprising how physical grief can be. follow 5 Followers. I can't, can't can't believe this has happened. Cat lovers all over can describe behaviors and attitudes that they relate to grieving in their cats, but emotions are very hard to quantify (even for people who can describe … September 29, 2015. And folks who don't identify as "cat people" may not understand that losing a cat can be just as painful as losing a dog. December 10, 2014. 11. Dr. Debra Primovic - DVM. It is important to note, that extra treats should not be given to try and encourage them to play, this can have the reverse effect and can be seen as being rewarded for not playing. According to, key symptoms of cat depression include reduced appetite, vocalization changes and decreased activity levels. She helped me through my break up!! Cat Walker (4,155) Facebook Twitter. 2. Cats do grieve. Helping Cats Grieve. "I was shocked when he showed up in another movie," she says. I don’t enjoy the festive season anymore. Asthma, heart, stroke, aneurysm. Cats do not demonstrate the same ritualized ways of dealing with their grief as humans do, but they do exhibit their own signs of mourning. Some seem to move on quickly; some take months to adjust. Cats get a bad rap for being aloof, but the sudden loss of their human can affect them deeply. She was my best pal, she would greet me from work and wake me up with my 'cat alarm' at 6:30am. It should be no surprise that some cats seem grief-stricken after the death of a feline or human companion. If you’re experiencing pet-related grief you can call our free and confidential phone line on 0800 024 94 94 to talk to one of our trained volunteer listeners. Based on the outward signs of her behavior, Metta appeared to be grieving over Maggie's death. Help them through it with these tips. Cats can also be creepy, but creepiness isn’t enough to feed the strong connection people feel between cats and death. Death and grief can still seem strange and unfamiliar to us. Share: When Maggie died from kidney failure, Metta, her most constant companion appeared aloof and lethargic. Humans can show grief for distant relatives or for public figures. Cats may have characteristics that link them to death, but perhaps our perception of these strange creatures derive from our experiences with them rather than their traits alone. They offer emotional and practical support to owners experiencing the loss of a cat, as well as providing information about topics such as euthanasia, burial and cremation. 283. What can we do to help them? The police didn’t see the young Abyssinian and sealed off the apartment. Karen Commings. It didn’t knock. Holly hid for 3 days after her 83-year-old guardian died.
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